Gath RV Size Chart

The sizing chart provided is a guide only, as head shapes vary.
Please note that measurements should be taken around the head – mid forehead, just above the ears.

Helmet Size Fits Head Size
Up to 555 mm
555 - 575 mm
575 - 590 mm
X Large
590 - 595 mm



size chart

460-510 Grams

GATH RV (Retractable Visor) Surf Hat is chosen by Professionals and sports enthusiasts in all water sports. The full-face visor is fully adjustable to any position to provide both total vision and maximum face protection against the damaging elements, sun, wind and salt water spray. It’s advanced design features, unique close fit, stable design has made it a world leader since 1992.

Please note that some product variation photos may not match your colour selection exactly



Warranty: 3 Years