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Gath Accessories

Gedi Visors filter out 98% + UV light and provide excellent eye protection against damaging sunlight and stinging salt water spray. Available in SMOKE GREY and CLEAR tint.

Black. Gath Convertible Ear Protectors provide a universal fit to either side of the Gath Gedi or Gath Surf Convertible helmets. Purchased as an accessory two Ear Protectors are supplied (1 pair).

GoPro Camera Mount allows you the convenience of easy clip on clip off camera mounting.

The Gath Dytter Cover is contoured to fit to the right hand side of both the Gath RV and Gath Hat. NOTE: This accessory will not fit earlier model original Gaths - including those with slotted audio vents. To check whether your Gath is suitable, completely remove all audio vent components. If your Gath does not have two notches or locating grooves in the audio vent hole, then you cannot attach the Gath Dytter Cover.

Gath Goggle Strap Holder keeps goggles securely connected to helmet and allows quick release if necessary.

Double Goggle Strap Holder is fitted with two Goggle Strap Holders one on each side to ensure goggles do not come off in high speed collision.

Gath SFC Peak fits all size Gath Surf Convertible helmets to shelter your face and eyes from damaging sun and spray plus rotates up for total vision, a must for surfing.

Gath Gedi Peak protects your eyes and face against damaging sunlight and when needed are designed to pivot up to allow total peripheral vision. Available in RIBBED and SMOOTH peak styles.

Gath replacement Audio Vents come in a set of 2 and include 2 Audio Vents, 2 Inner Flanges and AV Spanner.

Gaths unique Comfort Strip fitting system allows you to customise your Gath helmet for the perfect snug, comfortable fit. Three Comfort Strip packs are available each with three different thickness combinations for adjusting the fit of the Gath Gedi - Gath SFC and Original GH with EVA headband.

Gath Gedi Peaks are made from quality SHATTER PROOF flexible plastic and are easily attached to Gath Gedi Helmet. GoPro Camera Mount allows you the convenience of easy clip on clip off camera mounting. Gath Peaks provide protection against overhead sunlight and shield against water spray. For sports requiring total peripheral vision, they are designed to flip up 25 degree just out of the way and velcro lock into the down position. Gath peaks will flex and move on impact to help reduce neck and/or spinal injuries.

The Gath Full Face Visor adjusted in the up position provides excellent face and eye protection from overhead sun light while maintaining normal vision. Adjusted in the down position provides total face and eye protection from the damaging effects of sun and water spray.

Half Face Visor

Replacement Visor