What's New

The Gath Gedi with flip peak has now been on the market for almost a year and is receiving excellent feedback. The pictures of Anthony Yap below show the high level of performance this Gath helmet meets. Why a flip peak...???

Because when designing the new Gath peak range the goal was to retain all of the important features the Gath helmets are designed with. The Gath Flip peaks are designed to provide protection against the damaging overhead direct sunlight while maintaining peripheral vision when required, a must for many high level sports and professional activities.

Gedi Kevlar with Gath Ribbed FlipPeak

New GATH Flip Peak

Anthony Yap pushing hard.

Anthony choice, Gath Gedi.

Another new addition is the Gath SurfCam......Gath is now attaching the Oregon mini waterproof camera to the Gath helmets to allow you to film your entire session in the water.....just switch it on and leave it filming for more than an hour...then insert the SD card into your computer or re-play the action through yout TV. For more information visit the products page.