Terms and Conditions

International buyers

Please note: Import duties, taxes, and charges aren’t included in the item price or postage cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

Important Warning

Using a helmet with externally mounted attachments or accessories may compromise safety. Gath Sports Pty Ltd supplies helmets with several different types of attachments or accessories to meet the growing demands of sports enthusiasts and professional personnel. It is important you carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions of sale for Gath helmets fitted with helmet attachments or bought separately as accessories to be fitted to a Gath helmet.

Conditions and Terms of Sale

I acknowledge that in the event I purchase a Gath helmet fitted with helmet attachments or additional add on accessories for Gath helmets including but not limited to Gath helmet visor, Gath helmet peak, camera, radio, music equipment or similar attachments from Gath Sports Pty Ltd or its Retailers, Dealers or Agents including attachments or accessories factory fitted by Gath Sports Pty Ltd and or by Gath authorised agents, and or to be fitted by myself or any other third party, I have read and understand the following warning and agree to the terms and conditions of sale.

I acknowledge the following safety hazard warning and understand that by wearing a helmet fitted with attachments or accessories and especially attachments that protrude externally from a helmet this may create a potential safety hazard such as, but not limited to, potential catchment or snag points with foreign objects or equipment or the possibility that such attachments will alter the helmet’s performance or ability to operate as a safety helmet under the intended use claimed by the manufacturer. Furthermore, I acknowledge it is my responsibility to educate this safety compromise to any third party who is to use my helmet fitted with helmet attachments or accessories and I unconditionally accept the conditions and terms of sale and agree to take full responsibility to educate any person who is to use my Gath helmet fitted with accessories and unconditionally indemnify Gath Sports and its Distributors, Retailers, Dealers and Agents from any product liability claim or law suit for damages arising from or made in association with a Gath helmet fitted with helmet attachments or accessories.

I understand and agree that although I have purchased a Gath helmet with attachments or accessories from Gath Sports Pty Ltd or its Distributor or Agent, Gath Sports is liable only for warranty on the Gath helmets as per Gath Sports Warranty Policy associated with the Gath helmets and I understand and agree that any warranty claim associated with the helmet attachments mounted to the Gath helmet is with the manufacturer or the agents for the attachments and is subject to the terms and conditions associated with the attachments or accessories. For example, I acknowledge that if I have any problems with camera or radio equipment I am to deal directly with the manufacturer or manufacturer’s agent of the camera or radio equipment and the only time I am to initiate a warranty claim with Gath Sports Pty Ltd is for warranties associated with the Gath helmet.