GATH Groms Team Introducing MaiKai Burdine

GATH SPORTS is proud to announce the new official entry into the GROMS Team MaiKai Burdine.

MaiKai landed on this planet on the 10/04/2005 at the North Shore of Oahu.

His Surfing Skills progression is simply terrifying.

Name : MaiKai Burdine
Sports : surfing / foiling / skating
Home Spot : pipeline/ rocky point (Oahu) Hawaii
Boards: Lost Surfboards ( Matt Biolos ) F-one Foil
Helmet : Gath Neo Hat
Why Gath Helmets : Because I like the way they look and make me feel a lot safer when surfing Pipeline , or any shallow water waves with a gnarly rock bottom .
Hobbies : surfing , foiling , skating , playing with friends , learning and reading .
Sponsors: GATH Sports, Volcom, Lost Surfboards, Dragon Alliance, DaKine, Future, Vertra

Photo by @chlala_shoots

Photo by @nicolasdcm

MaiKai Burdine
Naiki Vaast
Aelan Vaast
Alejo Valido

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