Ruby Berry – Gath International Team

Gath Sports is thrilled to Welcome(back) Ruby Berry into the International Squad!

The 16-year-old surfing talent from Western Australia is making waves not just with her surfing skills but also with her dedication to safety. Growing up in the in the beautiful Margaret River region, Ruby’s passion for surfing was ignited by the powerful waves that crashed just outside her bedroom window.

“I spent most days at the beach with my dad, surrounded by powerful waves on shallow reefs,” Ruby reminisces. “Learning to surf was challenging because easy-to-ride, softer waves are hard to find in my area.”

Ruby’s journey took a significant turn when her mother wanted her to wear a helmet for protection in thee big waves. That’s when Ruby and her dad connected with Rick Gath, our local legend, mentor and the creator of the first World’s Surfing Helmet.

“I was about 7 when Rick invited me to his workshop and his son Jesse organized to personalize a helmet for me. It looked unreal with waves, rainbows, and flowers,” Ruby recalls.
Wearing a helmet was uncommon among young surfers, but Ruby embraced it. Her helmet not only provided safety but also became a signature part of her gear, accompanying her to some of the most dangerous breaks on earth like G-Land, Cloudbreak, and Pipeline.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the new partnership between Gath Helmets and Ruby as she joins the Gath International Team. 

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to test products with the Gath Squad and look forward to the future and a new helmet!”

Ruby’s story is inspiring young surfers around the globe to prioritize safety. She’s not just riding the waves; she’s leading a movement, proving that safety and style can coexist beautifully in the world of surfing.

Follow the journey: @rubyberrysurf // @gathsports 
Ruby’s Helmet models: Gath SFC | Neo & EVA hat
by Federico Infantino
Photos by: Unleash Media House 

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